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Synopsis: In this comedy by the authors of Something's Afoot, Jackie Kennedy is very nervous on an afternoon in January, 1962. She has completed the restoration of the White House and has invited Eleanor, Bess, Mamie, Pat and Lady Bird to give their opinions. And do they ever! They criticize the way she runs the White House and take her to task for being uninvolved politically. When Mrs. Roosevelt commands her to head the crusade for women's rights, a hilarious political hurricane ensues. Each discovers something about herself, her relationship with her husband, and how touching and funny it can be to hold the highest non paying job in the U.S.A.

Roles: 8 Females required. 

Hannah ~  about 50 years old, a White House maid

Maureen ~ about 20 years old, new maid at the White House, recently arrived from Ireland  * accent required

Marie ~ late 20s/early 30s, Jackie's secretary

Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy ~ 30s, Determined, 

Mamie Eisenhower ~60ish but looks 10 years young, petite 

Lady Bird Johnson~ 40s/50s also petite with a Texan accent. 

Pat Nixon ~ late 40s/early 50s, sleek and blonde

Eleanor Roosevelt ~ appears older than the other ladies, dynamic, out of date.